Commitment to the Church

Building the first Catholic Church in the area at Nweli was a project dear to his heart. He worked tirelessly on the project encouraging others to do likewise.

Produce from his garden would be given to the needy. Those in need of transport could rely on him at any time for assistance.

In the general community, Benedict was highly respected. He was secretary of the Headman’s council and a confidante of the Headman. At social functions he was a popular Master of Ceremonies. He was known for his absolute honesty, truthfulness and integrity. He spoke his mind and was not swayed by popular opinion.

As Principal, he was an honest and fearless leader. He encouraged, supported and challenged his staff. The welfare of the students was his prime concern. In the case of absentees, he would visit the family to see if he could be of assistance.

Students, who were unable to pay school fees, were given work in his garden to provide the necessary funds.