I wish to thank all of you who contributed to this Vision2020 for the Diocese of Tzaneen during our deliberations in 2012. And above all I thank our Heavenly Father for giving us the dignity and confidence in the Holy Spirit to face the on-going challenges of our being called and chosen to give witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ in this region of Africa. Vision2020 gives us purpose and direction as a diocese and it helps us to realize what we can achieve together in God’s grace as we move forward towards 2020.


It is now my task as bishop as well as the task of all the priests, religious and lay ministers in this diocese to develop and participate in realistic pastoral programmes which can indeed make Vision2020 a reality. May the Lord Jesus give us the grace during this Year of Faith to begin this task by focusing on our most urgent area of concern namely evangelization and catechesis. Let us not look back but rather begin the new year 2013 with determination to complete what we have set out to do.

(Luke 9.62).


May Our Lady of the Sacred Heart pray for us.

MaySt Joseph, her most chaste spouse, protect us.

And may God who has enabled us to begin this work give us all the graces necessary for us to bring it to completion through Christ our Lord.




+Joao Rodrigues


Bishop of Tzaneen Diocese


8 December 2012

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of Our Mother Mary