Influences in his childhood

His primary education began in Vondwe Primary school in 1957. Later he attended Mbahe Primary School, Tshikonelo primary school at Ha-Matsheka and the Salvation Army William Eddie School in Tshidimbini village. He completed his secondary education at Mphaphuli High School

Following the accidental death of his father, Samuel took on the responsibility of caring for his younger brothers and sister.  When he joined the workforce, he helped to pay for their education and continually encouraged them to study.

During school holidays he stayed with an uncle in Johannesburg where he took part-time work. At this time he became friendly with a young white man who was a Catholic. Several of his peers who were Shangaans were also Catholics.

After returning to Mbahe, Samuel joined a group of Catholics who met for instructions in the Catholic faith under a fig tree. The catechist was Benedict Risimati. He held the Sunday service and assisted the priest who came from Louis Trichardt once a month to celebrate Mass.  He had a strong influence on Samuel. Benedict Risimati after the death of his wife was ordained to the priesthood.