Loyalty to his Catholic faith

One of his initiatives to help the youth was in 1976 the formation of a soccer team called the Mbahe Eleven Computers. After initial success, the team began losing games and it was proposed that a Sangoma be consulted to obtain “Muti” to improve the team’s performance. Benedict spoke out strongly against the proposal. He was outnumbered. Unable to reconcile the use of witchcraft with his Faith, he chose to leave the club and formed another soccer team, the Mbahe Freedom Rebels with some players who had supported him. His decision was the beginning of a campaign of hatred and jealousy towards him by some people.

In 1977 he was appointed Principal of Nweli Primary School, a position he held until his death. He was seen to be a person of influence. His brick home, car, TV, telephone and thriving orchards were seen as signs of prosperity and he was looked on with envy by his adversaries. One particular enemy was a fellow principal.

In 1980 Benedict and Shadi Eveline Monyai, a Lutheran received into full communion with the Catholic Church, were married by Fr. Patrick O’Connor, M.S.C. The family comprised of eight children, the last being born four months after Benedict’s death.

As a husband and father Benedict was exemplary. He believed that helping his wife with the children household chores were part of his marriage commitment. The family prayed together each evening and always attended the Sunday liturgical celebration.

Benedict gave himself tirelessly to the Catholic community. He worked with the youth, lead the Sunday Service when a priest was not available and carried out numerous works of mercy. He was a man of prayer and committed to sharing his faith with others.