For the Beatification of the Servant of God T. S. Benedict Daswa

(To be recited at the end of each day’s Novena Prayer)

O Blessed Trinity,
I believe that you dwell in me through my baptism.
I love You, I adore You and I worship You.
I give you thanks for your Servant, Benedict,
Whom you chose to bear witness unto death for his faith
In Jesus Christ, my Saviour and my Lord.

Almighty Father, you filled the heart of your Servant, Benedict,
With great love and zeal in building up your kingdom.
You gave him the courage and the strength
To stand up for his faith without fear, even the fear of death.

Loving God, keep me free from all deeds of darkness.
Protect me from evil spirits and the powers of evil.
Make me a true apostle of life in my family and in society.
May your light, O Lord, shine upon me and through me.

Lord Jesus, through the intercession of your Servant, Benedict,
I ask that I may follow his example
Of always being ready to forgive in a Christian spirit.

You know all about my many problems and worries
And my great fears when I look to the future.
I draw strength and courage from the life of your Servant, Benedict.
I come to you now, Lord, and through his intercession
I ask for this very special favour… if it is according to your will.

Help me always to follow the good example of Benedict.
By daily prayer and regular attendance at Church,
Help me to love You, O Lord, above all things
And to love others as you love me.